How to make the bathroom safe for elder person?

On a global scale, falls are the number one killer of elderly injuries. Statistics show that among the elderly over 65 in my country, 40 million people are injured by falls every year. Falling will not only cause serious traumatic injuries such as brain injuries and fractures, but also cause "fall phobia" and bring great psychological trauma to the elderly.

The bathroom is an indispensable functional space in the residence of the elderly. When the elderly go to the toilet or bath, the frequency of falling, falling and other incidents is very high, and sudden diseases are more common. Therefore, to prevent the elderly from falling, the aging of the bathroom is the most important thing.

1.Anti-slip floor

The bathroom floor is most concerned about the anti-slip effect. At present, most of the imitation stone tiles contain emery, which has low water absorption and increases the brightness. At the same time, it also adds a grainy roughness and anti-skid. It can reduce the occurrence of slippery and ensure the safety of the elderly.

2.Wall handrail

The bathroom is sometimes wet and the floor is slippery, so you can set up handrails along the wall. In addition to the choice of stainless steel railings, you can combine it with the wall and design a small platform for walking. There will be no protrusions. Shower equipment can also be placed in the corner of the platform to strengthen the safe multi-functional bathroom space.

3. Stand up

Elderly people often have difficulty sitting and getting up. Therefore, like the toilet, you can design a bracket handle or get a toilet rail, which has multiple support points on the body, without losing your balance.

4. Shower in a tub

For the elderly, the disabled or the injured, it is very inconvenient to take a shower in the bathtub or stand up. We can choose a comfortable shower chair for them, so that they can be safe during the bath and reduce the risk of injury.

This tips will ensure not only safety and security,but also freedom and independence.