Easy Reach Lightweight Foot Rest for Shaving and Elderly Senior

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  • Small, multi-use footrest for shaving in a shower stall without a ledge, or polish clip and file toenails outside of the shower

  • Easily attachable non-slip rubber feet included

  • Drainable, slightly textured sloped surface with drainable "pocket" for supplies (supplies not included)

  • Great for small showers, i.e. campers

  • Perfect for elderly foot care and/or applying medicines, bandages


  • Small, lightweight but sturdy plastic footrest for propping legs to shave in a shower stall without a ledge or to use while sitting, and for general foot care outside of the shower, such as polishing, filing, clipping toenails, applying lotion, etc. Sloped and drainable. Includes drainable pocket for nail care supplies (supplies not included). Excellent for elderly footcare also. Quality product made in the U.S.A. Stylish dark gray in color. Recyclable plastic after rubber feet removed.

  • Package Dimensions: 10.2 x 9.2 x 7.4 inches

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